site-specific installation
exhibition „Force Field”
additional program of Biennale Arte 2019 
Venice, may 2019

The installation is inspired by the architecture of the exhibition space. Fully aware that its function was far for the sacral before, I commit a premeditated mystification and explicitly emphasize its false associations. I hacked the space. I build an altar. The building centerline it crowned with locum sacrum, a luminous niche. Entering the niche - one replaces the idol and at the same time acquires a new perspective of the exhibition space - it becomes a ritual act attributed to the altar. By assuming this iconic stand of mastering the bigness (after: R. Koolhaas; Bigness or the problem of the Large) each viewer become an immanent part of exhibition, fits into object, complements the composition. This gesture turns going through the building space into a series of experiences and the architecture itself becomes active. From darkness towards the light, through a change of perspective, to transgression. It’s kind of parable of the power translated to the space methaphor.
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