site-specific installation
Galeria Śmierć Człowieka
December 2018
This exposition coincided with the last days of my notice period at work. It is a crowning of a certain period which won’t be a good memory – but one of saliva gathering in the corners of my mouth after two years of restraining anger. In 1813 two French anatomists, Magendie and Breschet, transferred the saliva of a man infected with rabies into a dog’s system. I don’t think it is right that we are expected to live while continually camouflaging our discontent. Remaining in a state of constant tension can result in somatic changes, such as: high cholesterol, hyperacidity, muscles’ stiffness. Twelve to twenty people die because of rabies virus in Europe every year. The incubation of the rabies virus may take up to a year from the moment of the infection. I count to hundred, I close my eyes and I realise that the loss of animality is causing me sadness. Hydrophobia and photophobia are two fundamental symptoms of the aggressive phase. I am inviting you to meditate over three totems of rabies. The foam they produce is ever-oscillating at the verge of eruption.
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