instalacja malarska
annex of the mester thesis
prom. prof. L. Tarasewicz
june 2016
In our culture animals are being exploited; for example parts of their bodies are still used to produce painting articles. In that way they are used as carriers of the meaning and representations of human ideas. At my exhibition, animals are anthropomorphised; that is to say, they have got human characteristics. As they are shown in humiliating situations such as being drunk, they are at an ambiguous distance with the viewer. Even though there exists an enormous gap in our consciousness, the reflection about the creatures becomes in fact a reflection about the body. Their delicate and innocent animal characters start carrying a human burden. I wanted to show a similar dissonance using means of art, as the delicate paintbrush is contrasted with rough surface. On the one hand, galvanized steel sheet on which I paint is a heavy industrial material; on the other hand, it is also used to build parts of the world of children such as slides and ramps.
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