site specific installation
Galeria Śmierć Człowieka
december 2017
collaboration with Iwo Rachwał

This work is inspired by the space of the gallery itself – situated in the attic of a constantly renovated tenement house in the Warsaw district of Mokotów. The process of reaching the space generates certain associations with a mountain hike. I wanted to emphasise this aspect and focused on a specific mountain – Mons Blanc (mountain summit on the Moon). The main element of the installation was an antenna of a theremin instrument placed on a tripod. A piece of cheese suspended from the ceiling (as if levitating) was going round the antenna, generating cosmic music. The lunar geological element was ascending and falling in a tonal scale, while making its repetitive movement. This symbolic dance was shrouded in poetic mist, with a delicate light of an empty lightbox shining through.
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